Empowering women to reach their full potential and live the life they deserve.



My approach to individual therapy is working from a relational and psychodynamic models. Relational therapy focuses on relationships. As humans, we are social beings and need to have healthy relationships in our lives for our emotional well-being. However, we sometimes grow up in families that do not provide an emotional, safe space for us to express our feelings. This can impact us by making us very guarded and closed off to others. When we are emotionally guarded, we cannot form deep relationships and attachments to others. When relationships lack depth, they are not long lasting. This can impact our dating life, our married life, our relationships with children and our relationships in the workplace.

Psychodynamic therapy helps us understand how our past impacts our present. In this type of work, we learn how our early life experiences as children help shape the adults we become and the relationships we have with others. Depending on our relationships and experiences with our parents or caregivers, may shape if we are individuals that are open and transparent or guarded. These early life experiences shape our personality and the people we attract into our lives. This approach helps us understand how we fall into unhealthy relationship patterns and looks at connections between our past and present.

My approach in therapy is helping women uncover the root causes of problems in their life, increasing awareness and making connections to have the life they deserve. I empower women to find their voice and recognize their many gifts and talents, so they can live a life of authenticity, valuing who they are. 

My role as a therapist is meeting my clients where they are at, and sitting with them in their pain. Together, we create a safe, confidential space to discuss issues openly without shame or guilt. We then begin uncovering the layers, tackling the issues and working towards the journey of healing and self-fulfillment.

I specialize in women's issues including: 

  • anxiety

  • bereavement

  • cultural issues

  • dating

  • depression

  • domestic abuse/violence (unhealthy relationships)

  • family of origin issues (childhood abuse, dysfunctional family)

  • parenting

  • postpartum mood disorders (perinatal/postpartum anxiety/depression)

  • low self-esteem/self-worth

  • motherless daughters

  • relationship problems (dating, marriage, workplace)

  • self-identity issues (discovering who you are)

  • trauma

  • work/life balance

Services are offered in English and Spanish. I provide individual and group therapy. 




Lynn Raine, PhD, LCSW

Lynn Raine, PhD, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with 16 years of experience working with adolescents girls, young adults and women. Lynn received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of California Irvine, her Masters in Social Work from California State University Long Beach, and her PhD from Smith College in Massachusetts. Lynn is also an assistant professor at Azusa Pacific University.