Wellness Counseling Center

Anxiety Therapy Group for College Students


This group will provide psycho-education about anxiety, provide concrete tools and strategies to manage panic attacks and ongoing anxiety. This therapy group will provide a safe and supportive space specifically to discuss the difficulties and stressors of being a college student. Group is limited to 6 people.

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression Therapy Group

Postpartum depression and anxiety is a common side effect of pregnancy. If you are struggling to bond with your baby, feel tearful, feel irritable, have panic attacks or have insomnia, you may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety. This group will provide psycho-education on postpartum depression, provide support, and offer a space for healing.

Motherless Daughters Therapy Group

This is an ongoing, process therapy group. If you are a woman who has lost your mother, you can come to this group to process your loss, share the unique experiences of being a motherless daughter, and offer support to one another. 

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