What is therapy? 

Therapy is a safe place where you can be yourself and not be judged. This is the place where you can explore areas of your life and discuss the things that are not safe to talk with others. Therapy provides a place to examine your past, your childhood, your interactions with others, your emotional response in order to determine the root causes of your problems. Therapy can provide you with feedback and help you become more aware of different areas of your life to begin the healing process in a safe, supportive environment. 


What does confidentiality mean?

Unlike our personal relationships, therapy provides a confidential relationship. Therapists cannot disclose to anyone that you are attending therapy. Therapist cannot confirm or deny that you are even a patient unless you sign a release of information for a specific person/agency.  The only exceptions are if you disclose a minor, dependent person, or elder person is being abused or if you disclose you want to harm another individual in a life threatening way. 


Do you need to have a specific problem to go to therapy?

While some people begin therapy when they encounter a crisis, problems in their relationship or are experiencing anxiety/depression, others decide to go to therapy for personal growth. I don't believe you necessary need to have a problem to go to therapy. The therapy room can be like a mental workout room, where you go to work on yourself and make yourself better and stronger.