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Welcome to my website! My office is located in Brea, CA in North Orange County. I am a psychotherapist treating adolescents, college students and women. I specialize in the following issues: 

  • anxiety

  • bereavement 

  • cultural issues 

  • dating

  • depression

  • domestic abuse/violence (unhealthy relationships)

  • family of origin issues (childhood abuse, dysfunctional family)

  • parenting

  • postpartum mood disorders (perinatal/postpartum anxiety/depression)

  • low self-esteem/self-worth

  • motherless daughters

  • relationship problems (dating, marriage, workplace)

  • self-identity issues (discovering who you are)

  • trauma

  • work/life balance

I provide individual therapy and group therapy. Therapy offers a safe, confidential space where you can be yourself and share all your fears, worries, and obstacles that are preventing you from living the life that you deserve. I enjoy working with clients that want to go deeper in understanding their life and their interactions with others to determine how to be able to obtain the life and relationships they desire.

Relationship Problems: 

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Do you feel you have lost who you are? Are you a married woman having problems in your marriage? Are you a single woman who is tired of dating the wrong person? These relationships can have a detrimental impact in your life. You can experience stress, anxiety or depressed mood. I help women understand the unhealthy patterns in relationships and how to identify and develop the relationships they desire with their significant others. 

Family of Origin Issues: 

Are you a woman who had a difficult childhood? Is your relationship with family filled with conflict? Did you have an abusive mother or father? These early life experiences can really impact our lives as adults. When we are children, we take the messages from our parents and they become part of how we view ourselves and our self-worth. I help women unpack and understand their childhood and see the connection to their adult relationships and the self-messages we give ourselves as adults. I work with women to begin to heal from their past and learn to love themselves as adults. 

Motherless Daughters: 

Whether you lost your mom as a child, a teenager, young adult or midlife, it has a lifelong impact. Sometimes our relationships with our mothers are positive and healthy and at other times they are difficult and full of conflict. When we lose a mother, we experience this loss throughout our life in different ways. The grief experience of motherless daughters is very unique. I specialize in working with motherless daughters in individual therapy and also through the motherless daughters therapy group. 

New mothers: 

Are you a new mother that is having a difficult time bonding with the baby? Are you experiencing postpartum anxiety or depression? Are you having difficult getting enough sleep or eating sufficiently? Do you feel that you are unable to cope? I work with new mothers who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress to start healing and develop healthy ways of coping. I provide individual therapy as well as a therapy group. 

Services are offered in English and Spanish. Appointments are available from 9am to 9pm. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation by phone (714) 989-6112 or email: RaineCounselingServices@gmail.com

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